Ticketmaster is warning its customers in North America to take action following a significant hack that occurred in May.

Emails have been sent to Canadian customers advising them to be vigilant against identity theft and fraud risks. Similar notifications are reported to have been sent to customers in the US and Mexico as well.

The breach resulted in the theft of personal details from 560 million Ticketmaster customers worldwide, with cyber criminals attempting to sell this information online.

Despite the breach being acknowledged, Ticketmaster has faced criticism for the delay in notifying affected customers about the potential risks they face.

Ticketmaster has confirmed that names, basic contact details, and encrypted credit card information were stolen. The company is now urging affected customers to monitor their online accounts and bank statements for any suspicious activity.

It is also offering identity monitoring services to Canadian customers to help detect any misuse of their personal information on the dark web for up to one year.

The group responsible for the hack, known as ShinyHunters, advertised the stolen data for sale on a hacking forum.

They demanded $500,000 for the data but it’s unclear if it has been sold. The breach was traced back to stolen login details from Snowflake, Ticketmaster’s cloud storage provider, affecting over 160 other Snowflake clients and resulting in massive data theft.

Ticketmaster’s parent company Live Nation acknowledged the breach but assured shareholders it would not materially impact its operations.

Cybersecurity experts are investigating the incident to understand how the hackers accessed client data and are advising affected companies, including Ticketmaster, on improving security measures to prevent future breaches.

This incident underscores the ongoing threat of cyberattacks and highlights the importance of companies promptly notifying customers and implementing robust security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and misuse.

Source: BBC


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