Massive rescue efforts are underway in Taiwan following a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake that struck the island’s eastern coast, leaving at least nine dead and over 800 injured.

The quake, the strongest in 25 years, caused widespread devastation, including collapsed tunnels and roads, and disrupted train lines. The epicenter was near Hualien city, but tremors were felt as far away as Taipei.

The disaster triggered tsunami alerts in nearby islands, although they were later retracted. The hardest-hit area is Hualien, where buildings collapsed, roads were blocked, and train services disrupted.

Rescue operations are ongoing to reach those trapped, particularly in tunnels and along mountainous roads.

Additionally, landslides along the coast have further complicated rescue efforts. Despite challenges, the government is coordinating relief efforts and international assistance is being offered.

The earthquake’s impact underscores Taiwan’s vulnerability to seismic activity, with its mountainous terrain exacerbating rescue efforts.

While Taiwan is accustomed to earthquakes, this event stands out as one of the most severe in recent memory.

Credit : BBC

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