Taco Bell is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its popular Baja Blast soda by introducing new dessert items inspired by the iconic drink. One of these treats, called the Baja Blast Gelato, will be available at all Taco Bell locations by the end of the summer.

This gelato-style ice cream will be made in the same teal color as the soda and will only be around for a limited time. Last year, Taco Bell tested the gelato at one location in California for two weeks.

According to food influencer Markie Devo, Taco Bell may also release two other Baja Blast-inspired desserts: a Baja Blast Pie and a Baja topping for their Cinnamon Twists. However, exact release dates for these items have not been announced yet.

In addition to the new desserts, Taco Bell will be adding several other food items to its menu. They are also updating their hot sauce packets with new designs and introducing a new avocado verde salsa to go with their Cantina Chicken Menu. Additionally, customers will get to vote on whether the Caramel Apple Empanada or the Meximelt will return in time for Halloween.

This information was shared during a press conference held by Taco Bell in Las Vegas on February 9th. The details were originally reported by Parade.


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