Australian Police Arrest Seven Teens in Counter-Terrorism Raids

Seven teenagers have been arrested by Australian police in a series of raids across Sydney, with authorities suggesting they may have been planning an attack.

The suspects are said to share extremist views, and their arrests are linked to the recent stabbing of an Assyrian bishop, which police have labeled as a terrorist act.

The youths, aged 15 to 17, are believed to be associated with the teenager charged with the stabbing.

Despite being under surveillance, police acted because they feared an imminent attack, though no specific plan was identified.

The raids involved 400 officers across thirteen locations. The incident has heightened tensions in Sydney’s multi-faith community, where the targeted church is located.

While the bishop is well-known, his controversial views have made him a divisive figure. Authorities have not disclosed the religion of the alleged attacker.

(Credit: BBC News)

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