When the last Queen in the world unexpectedly gave up her throne on live TV, something historic happened in a faraway land. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark announced she’s passing the throne to her son, Crown Prince Frederik, in her New Year’s address.

This move not only created a buzz globally but also brought about the first-ever Australian-born Queen Consort – Princess Mary, who is married to Frederik.

Princess Mary’s journey began in a small Hobart hospital, born a month after Queen Margrethe took the throne in 1972. Growing up in Australia, she excelled in leadership and later had a successful career in advertising and luxury real estate.

Fate took a turn during the 2000 Olympic Games when she met Frederik at a Sydney pub. Their relationship flourished, leading to their marriage in 2004.

As Queen Margrethe steps down, the spotlight shifts to Frederik and Mary, known for their modern values. They aim to give their children a normal upbringing and actively support various causes. While Denmark bids farewell to its only Queen, Australia celebrates Mary as a ‘national ambassador.’

It’s a moment of both sadness and celebration, marking the beginning of a new era for Denmark’s royal family.

Credits to BBC as the source.


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