Survey finds that very few people are using AI products like ChatGPT regularly, despite the hype surrounding them.

Researchers interviewed 12,000 people across six countries, including the UK, and discovered that only 2% of British respondents use such tools on a daily basis.

However, young people, particularly those aged 18 to 24, are more inclined to adopt the technology.

Dr. Richard Fletcher, the lead author of the study, highlighted a “mismatch” between the hype surrounding AI and the actual interest from the public.

The research focused on generative AI tools, which can generate human-like responses to text prompts, images, audio, and video.

Despite the attention these tools have received, the study suggests that they have not yet become a routine part of people’s internet usage.

Many individuals are not particularly interested in generative AI, with 30% of respondents in the UK stating they haven’t heard of prominent products like ChatGPT.

The study also explored public perceptions of the impact of generative AI. While most respondents believe it will have a significant impact on society, particularly in areas like news, media, and science, opinions about its overall effect are mixed.

People are generally optimistic about its potential to improve their lives but are more wary about its implications for society as a whole, especially in terms of job security and its use in news and journalism.

Dr. Fletcher emphasized the importance of approaching the AI debate with nuance, considering both the hopes and fears associated with the technology.

The findings underscore the need for informed discussions among various stakeholders, including governments and regulators.

The research, based on an online questionnaire conducted in six countries, provides valuable insights into public attitudes towards AI and its potential impact on society.

Credit : BBC

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