South Sudan’s Army Faces Accusations of Attacking Civilians in Abyei, Leaving 40 Dead”

Sultan Bulabek, leader of nine chiefdoms in Abyei, told the BBC that the attack involved coordinated assaults by soldiers and armed youth from Twic county. He claimed the goal was to force the Ngok community from their homes.

An anonymous resident reported a cousin’s death in the attack, mentioning difficulties retrieving the body due to heavy artillery.

Maj Gen Akuei Ajou, SSPDF’s third division commander, denied the accusations, stating their mission was to protect people between Twic and Abyei. He attributed a recent attack on a military base to Abyei youth.

Embassies of Norway, the UK, and the US jointly urged South Sudan to withdraw troops from Abyei to prevent further violence escalation. Abyei has long been disputed between Sudan and South Sudan.

The UN Security Council recently extended its peacekeepers’ mandate in Abyei for a year. They’ve been stationed there since 2011.

For more details on this news, please click the provided BBC link.

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