South Africa’s money, the rand, took a dip on Thursday against a strong dollar. After a significant rise on Tuesday, it’s slowly slipping, now at about 18.22 rand for one dollar—just a tad weaker than before. The dollar is showing strength against other currencies. The rand’s boost on Tuesday came after the U.S. shared that inflation wasn’t as high as expected. People thought this might mean the U.S. wouldn’t raise interest rates, causing the rand to go up.

But, even with good local sales numbers on Wednesday, the rand didn’t strengthen. Analysts from Rand Merchant Bank say that because there won’t be important U.S. data until the end of the month, there’s a risk the trend after the positive job numbers might repeat. This suggests that global markets, including the South African rand, could slowly return to how they were before the boost. The rand, like other currencies sensitive to risks, often reacts to what’s happening globally, especially in the U.S.

Andre Cilliers, a money expert at TreasuryONE, believes there might be some settling down and profit-taking because the rand gained strength quickly. In simple terms, as the rand became more valuable, some people might sell it to make money. Additionally, South Africa’s significant 2030 government bond performed well early on, with the interest rate going down a bit. This information comes from Reuters, and for more details, you can check out the original source []

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