Somalia Secures UN Security Council Seat After Decades of Turmoil

Somalia, a country torn by civil war for over 30 years, has won a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

This is the first time Somalia has held such a position since the 1970s, marking a significant milestone for the nation. The Security Council is crucial in deciding how the UN responds to global conflicts.

To secure a seat on the council, Somalia needed to garner support from at least two thirds of the General Assembly’s voting delegations.

It won the seat for the East Africa region uncontested and received 179 votes in a secret ballot. This victory provides Somalia with a platform to play a vital role in promoting global peace and security.

Despite its tumultuous history, Somalia has made strides towards stability with the help of the UN and the African Union.

The country has been combating the Islamist militant group al-Shabab while working to establish a central government. Somalia’s experiences position it to contribute meaningfully to the Security Council’s discussions on international peace and security.

The Security Council holds significant responsibilities, including authorizing peacekeeping operations and imposing sanctions.

Somalia’s seat on the council signifies a new chapter in its journey towards peace and prosperity.

Credit : BBC

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