Snoop Dogg is really sad because his younger brother Bing Worthington died. Bing was only 44 years old. Snoop didn’t say why Bing died.

They have the same mom but not the same dad. Snoop put some sad pictures on Instagram to tell everyone about Bing.

In one picture, they were together in a room. Snoop didn’t write anything, just some sad faces and a bird emoji. Then, there was a video of Snoop, Bing, and their other brother at a graveyard. Snoop said Bing always made them laugh and that he’s back with their mom now.

Their mom died in 2021. The last picture was of Bing and their mom smiling. Snoop said Bing is with their mom now. Snoop’s fans wrote nice things to him. One person said they’ll pray for Snoop and his family. Another said they send strength and prayers.

Snoop’s daughter also had a bad health problem recently, but she’s getting better. She’s 24 years old and had a stroke. She’s in the hospital, but she’s improving. She said God is really helping her.

Source :Parade

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