Sleep Docs Say Waking Up at Night is Normal, but If You Can’t Sleep, Here’s What to Do

Ever wonder if waking up at night is normal? According to sleep experts, it is! Most people wake up a few times during the night, but it’s usually so brief that you don’t even remember.

Sleep doctors explain that these short awakenings are part of our sleep cycle.

However, if you find it hard to fall back asleep, that might be a problem. It could be a type of insomnia linked to thoughts and behaviors about sleep.
Using screens in bed or worrying can contribute to this. The solution? Get out of bed, do something boring in low light for 30 minutes, then return when you feel sleepy.

Waking up occasionally is no big deal, but if it happens regularly, it might be time to see a sleep specialist. They can figure out if there’s an underlying issue causing the disruptions.

So, while waking up is normal, struggling to fall back asleep might need some expert advice.

Credit to Parade for the insights!

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