Six men got caught for being part of the group that killed Luke Fleurs, a 24-year-old soccer player from Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa.

He was shot during a car theft at a gas station in Johannesburg. The police believe these guys are involved in a gang that steals cars in Gauteng. They’re still looking for more people involved.

They found Luke’s car, but it was stripped down. Luke was just waiting at the gas station when some guys came up to him, told him to get out of his car, and then shot him.

Kaizer Chiefs, a famous soccer club in South Africa, said it was really sad. Luke only joined them last year after playing for SuperSport United.

He even played for South Africa in the Olympics in 2021. The Sports Minister said it’s sad that another life was lost because of crime.

The suspects are going to court on Friday. This news is from BBC.

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