Once praised as a hero, Egypt’s leader, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, is now facing criticism. People who once cheered for him are unhappy, especially about the struggling economy.

As he seeks a third term, many, like Nadia, find it hard to make a living. Prices are soaring, and the official inflation rate is 38.5%, though it feels much worse for regular folks.

Sisi invested in big projects, but critics say it led to economic problems. The pandemic and global events worsened the situation. Sisi’s supporters claim his projects create jobs, but the reality for people like Nadia is a daily struggle.

Despite discontent, the election seems one-sided, with limited opposition due to crackdowns. Even potential candidates face challenges.

Human rights activists, like Mina Thabet, complain about restrictions and fear persecution. Many, including Thabet, live in exile due to concerns for their safety.

Sisi’s campaign promises a better future, but skepticism persists among the people. The election outcome seems predictable, raising doubts about meaningful change.

The situation reflects a larger issue of political control and challenges to human rights, a concern highlighted by critics. (Source: BBC)


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