wo sisters in Kabul felt the grip of the Taliban’s rule tightening around them, like many women in Afghanistan. They didn’t sit back; instead, they secretly sang out against the restrictions, knowing it could cost them their lives.

Calling themselves the Last Torch, they started a movement through their music, using social media to spread their message. Despite wearing burkas to hide their identities, their songs went viral, resonating with women across Afghanistan.

Their lyrics spoke of the suffocating limitations imposed on women and the violation of human rights under the Taliban. Despite the risks, they continued to sing, inspiring others to join their cause.

But the Taliban didn’t approve. They banned women’s education, condemned music, and arrested musicians. The sisters faced threats, but they refused to be silenced.

Now, in a country where activism is increasingly dangerous, they sing about imprisoned activists and the pain of their people under Taliban rule. Their songs are a beacon of hope in a dark time, echoing the voice of Afghan women fighting for freedom.

This story, originally reported by the BBC, shows the power of music and courage in the face of oppression.


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