Sierra Leone is on lockdown as a curfew is enforced across the country. Armed individuals broke into prisons, freeing inmates. The capital, Freetown, witnessed an attack on a military barracks, prompting gunfire near the presidential residence.

The government declared an immediate curfew, advising everyone to stay indoors. Flights in and out of the international airport are canceled.

The attackers have been pushed to the outskirts of Freetown, according to the Information Minister.

Some gunmen, including the guard of the former president, have been arrested. The situation has been tense since President Bio’s re-election in June, marked by allegations of irregularities.

Videos on social media show people fleeing from the Central Pademba Road prison, but their authenticity is unverified.

President Bio urges citizens to stay indoors, emphasizing the need to protect democracy. International observers and various nations, including the US, EU, UK, and Ecowas, strongly condemn the violence. Information credited to BBC.

For more details on this news click on the BBC link below:

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