A devastating wave of Russian missile strikes has hit cities across Ukraine, including a major children’s hospital in Kyiv, resulting in at least 36 deaths and 140 injuries.

The Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital, crucial for cancer treatment and organ transplants, suffered significant damage with tragic consequences, including the loss of lives.
Both Russia and Ukraine have traded blame over the incident, each citing different missile fragments found at the scene.

Witnesses described scenes of chaos and devastation, with injured children and patients evacuated from the hospital, some still attached to IV drips.

The mayor of Kyiv condemned the strikes as an attempt to harm innocent civilians, labeling it as genocide.

International condemnation swiftly followed, with world leaders and organizations denouncing the attacks on civilians and urging a stronger response to protect Ukraine.

The assault comes amid escalating tensions, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Moscow, highlighting the global ramifications of Russia’s actions.

Ukrainian officials have called for increased support from allies to bolster their defenses against further attacks, stressing the urgent need for more advanced air defense systems.

The UN has strongly condemned the strikes, emphasizing the illegality of targeting civilians under international humanitarian law.

Civilian casualties have been mounting in recent months, underscoring the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by renewed hostilities.

(Source: BBC News)


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