Over a hundred hospitals in Romania have been hit by a ransomware attack. This means that hackers locked up important files and demanded money to unlock them.

Some doctors had to use pen and paper because their computers weren’t working. Children’s hospitals and emergency rooms were affected, and other hospitals shut down their computers to be safe. The hackers asked for a lot of money in Bitcoin to unlock the files.

But luckily, the Romanian government had backup copies of the files, so the damage wasn’t as bad. The cyber experts are trying to figure out who did this. It’s like when someone breaks into your house and locks up all your stuff until you pay them.

This can be really bad for patients because some hospitals had to turn off important machines like MRI scanners. This happened before in the UK, and it caused a lot of problems too.

So, it’s important to learn from these situations and make sure our systems are safe.

Thanks to BBC for the information.


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