Christmas in Kupiansk is not a joyous celebration; many kids evacuated, and the city is tense. Living near the front line brings constant fear of attacks.

Svitlana, a market worker, shares the daily uncertainty: ‘We don’t know if Russia will hit us while working.’ The city was occupied, then liberated, but now faces renewed threat.

Sofia, 17, who grew up with Russian aggression, reflects resilience amid destruction. The city defends itself, but Russian forces push closer.

Ukrainian troops, lacking support, defend tirelessly. The hope of liberating Ukraine feels distant. Oleksiy, a soldier, reveals the relentless battle they face.

While they fight, senior US politicians on break, delaying vital support. Kyiv warns if Kupiansk falls, Russia may not stop there.

The struggle for a Ukrainian victory becomes harder.

Source: BBC.

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