Trump Skips Fourth Republican Debate, Rivals Struggle for Attention.

In simple terms, Donald Trump is not participating in the latest Republican debate, leaving the remaining four candidates in a tough spot.

The debates, without Trump, have seen declining viewership, and this one might not be an exception.

The smaller stage could mean more focus on the candidates, but the event’s broadcast on lesser-known channels might make it harder for people to watch.

Now, let’s break down each candidate’s situation:

  1. Ron DeSantis: Once a strong contender, DeSantis has faced challenges, including a lackluster debate and internal issues. He needs a strong performance to regain momentum.
  2. Nikki Haley: Haley has gained some support and is seen as a potential alternative to Trump. Criticizing Trump’s chaos, she aims to distinguish herself in the debate and attract more backers.
  3. Vivek Ramaswamy: Despite an initial burst, Ramaswamy’s campaign has lost steam. A more composed debate showing could help him recover, considering his age gives him time for a political comeback.
  4. Chris Christie: Christie barely made it to the debate stage and is criticized for possibly splitting anti-Trump votes. This might be his last chance to convince people that he should stay in the race.

In a nutshell, without Trump, the debate is crucial for these candidates to stand out, gain media coverage, and secure support for the upcoming primaries.

The information is sourced from BBC, and we aim to provide a straightforward understanding of the current Republican dynamics.

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