Microsoft’s Xbox is shaking things up by allowing some of its games to be played on other platforms. This move marks a significant departure from their usual strategy of keeping games exclusive to Xbox consoles.

But why the change? Well, it seems like they’re responding to the way people, especially younger gamers, play and access games nowadays. Instead of being loyal to one brand or device, many gamers want to play on whatever device is convenient for them, whether it’s a phone, tablet, PlayStation, or Xbox.

This shift isn’t just happening at Xbox. Sony, the company behind PlayStation, is also considering making more of its games available on different platforms.

It’s all part of a trend towards making games more accessible to a wider audience, rather than keeping them locked to specific consoles.

So, why the change of heart? Simply put, it’s about reaching more players and making more money. By allowing their games to be played on different devices, companies like Microsoft and Sony can tap into a much larger market.

And with the rising costs of game development, making games available to more players is a smart business move.

Some people have speculated that Microsoft might even be considering stepping away from making consoles altogether.

While that’s unlikely, it’s clear that the future of gaming is changing. And for gamers, that means more options and more ways to play their favorite games.

Source : BBC

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