Experts Share 11 Ways to Tell Someone They’ve Hurt You, Backed by Psychologists

Communicating when you’re hurt can be tough, especially if someone specific caused the pain. Psychologists advise that confronting this discomfort is crucial, even though it may involve guilt, shame, or fear. It’s essential to make the person aware of their actions and address the issue.

Why is it difficult to express being hurt? Factors like self-doubt, cultural upbringing, or challenging power dynamics may play a role.

Psychologists emphasize the importance of using specific phrases to communicate your feelings effectively.

Here are 11 psychologist-endorsed phrases:

  1. “I felt hurt when…”
  2. “I didn’t like it when this happened.”
  3. “That made me uncomfortable.”
  4. “What you just said/did did not feel OK for me.”
  5. “Can we talk about…?”
  6. “I’ve been feeling hurt lately.”
  7. “When you X, I felt really disrespected. In the future, please Y.”
  8. “I have some concerns about how you have been treating me.”
  9. “I started questioning our friendship.”
  10. “Something feels off with our communication.”
  11. “I noticed I did not receive an invite and wondered if it was intentional.”

Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid blaming language like “It’s your fault that I’m in this situation.” Instead, focus on open communication without placing blame to foster understanding and resolution.

(Source : Parade)

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