Soup Protesters Target Mona Lisa at Louvre

Protesters at the Louvre museum in France caused a stir by splashing soup on the iconic Mona Lisa painting. The demonstrators, advocating for better access to healthy food, targeted the 16th-century masterpiece, which is securely displayed behind glass.

Video footage captured two women wearing “food counterattack” shirts tossing liquid at the painting while expressing concerns about food sustainability and agricultural challenges. The museum promptly intervened, shielding the protesters from view and evacuating the area.

The group responsible, known as Riposte Alimentaire (Food Counterattack), defended their actions as part of a broader campaign to integrate food security into social welfare systems. They proposed a monthly food card worth €150 for citizens to address food accessibility issues.

While the Mona Lisa remained unharmed, museum officials condemned the incident and announced plans to file a complaint. France’s Minister for Culture, Rachida Dati, emphasized the painting’s significance to future generations and denounced the attack.

This event adds to a history of unconventional protests targeting the Mona Lisa, including a cake thrown at the painting in 2022 to raise awareness about environmental issues.

The Mona Lisa has endured various threats over the years, from theft in 1911 to the recent soup incident. Despite these challenges, it remains a symbol of artistic and cultural heritage, captivating visitors from around the world.

Source : BBC

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