Portable X-ray machines, like the Fujifilm Xair, are making a big difference for patients, especially in remote areas.

Unlike traditional X-rays done in hospitals, these portable devices come to the patient, reducing the stress and cost of transportation.

In places like the Orkney Islands, where reaching hospitals was challenging, a trial with ultraportable X-ray devices saw a significant drop in missed appointments.

The global portable X-ray market is booming, driven by increased availability and demand, with a projected worth of $14 billion by 2028.

While concerns about radiation exist, advancements in technology and AI capabilities are addressing them. However, the high cost remains a challenge, with prices ranging from $47,000 to $66,000.

As more manufacturers enter the market, there’s hope for increased competition leading to more affordable access for everyone in need.

This information was originally reported by BBC News.


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