Imran Khan’s Party Aims for Election Victory Despite Challenges

Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) faces significant hurdles as it gears up for Pakistan’s general election.

With Khan himself imprisoned and barred from running, the party is relying on social media and new, untested candidates to maintain its electoral momentum.

Despite setbacks such as the loss of its cricket bat symbol and crackdowns by authorities, PTI candidates like Rehena Dar are pressing on with confidence.

Yet, challenges persist, with some key figures defecting from the party and others campaigning from hiding or behind bars.

PTI’s use of technology, including virtual rallies and AI-generated speeches, reflects its determination to overcome obstacles.

However, the party’s ability to rally support amid controversy remains uncertain, as rivals dominate election coverage.

As Pakistan’s political landscape shifts, PTI’s resilience and strategy may determine its electoral fate. (Credit: BBC)

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