Oxford University Press Picks ‘Rizz’ as Word of the Year 2023: A Term for Style and Charm in Romantic Interactions.

If you’re good at chatting up or flirting, you might have “rizz,” Oxford’s Word of the Year 2023. It’s internet slang for romantic appeal, widely used by young people.

The list of contenders included words like Swiftie and situationship, but “rizz” won in a public vote. The term refers to style, charm, or attractiveness in attracting a romantic partner. It’s popular on platforms like TikTok and can also be used as a verb, meaning to attract or seduce someone.

The shortlist featured words like beige flag and situationship, reflecting the mood of 2023. The rise of “rizz” shows how internet culture is influencing everyday language.

Source: BBC News


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