North Korea Conducts Underwater Nuclear Weapons Test Amid Rising Tensions

North Korea has reported testing its “underwater nuclear weapons system” in response to joint military exercises by the US, South Korea, and Japan.

The alleged underwater drone, capable of carrying a nuclear weapon, was tested off the east coast, according to state media.

South Korea has dismissed the claims as exaggerated and labeled the tests a “provocation.” The reported incident follows a series of military actions by North Korea, including the deployment of a new intermediate-range ballistic missile.

Tensions have escalated as Pyongyang leader Kim Jong Un adopts a more aggressive stance, recently declaring the end of the goal of reunification with South Korea.

Analysts remain skeptical about the actual threat posed by North Korea’s underwater weapons, noting they are still in a developing stage.

The international community remains on edge as North Korea continues to assert its military and nuclear capabilities.

Source : BBC

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