Liberia’s New President Boakai Struggles to Finish Inaugural Speech

Article: Liberia’s recently sworn-in President Joseph Boakai faced an unexpected challenge as he couldn’t complete his inauguration speech, needing assistance to leave the podium.

The 79-year-old leader, who narrowly won the election against former football star George Weah, encountered difficulties speaking in the 30°C heat.

Despite being sworn in as the oldest president in Liberia’s history, Boakai’s health concerns, highlighted during the campaign, resurfaced.

The ceremony was interrupted, and reports suggest he may have suffered from heat exhaustion. Boakai emphasized the need to move past partisanship, focusing on Liberia’s progress.

Prior to the interruption, he spoke about restoring dignity in public service and upholding the rule of law. The incident echoes Boakai’s determination to lead despite health challenges, marking a unique start to his presidency.

Credit: BBC.

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