Namibia came together to honor their late President Geingob, who passed away at 82 after battling cancer.

The funeral, held at Heroes’ Acre, was a display of patriotism as mourners celebrated his legacy as a nation-builder and pan-African hero.

Thousands paid their respects, with Mr. Geingob’s widow shedding tears as he was laid to rest.

The event marked the end of three weeks of mourning and saw people from all walks of life unite in grief.

Notably, it was the first time Namibia buried a president since gaining independence in 1990.

Among the dignitaries, Germany’s President called for an apology for his country’s colonial atrocities in Namibia, a cause Mr. Geingob had championed.

This underscores the enduring impact of Mr. Geingob’s leadership and his commitment to justice for his people.

(Based on BBC News)

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