MrBeast, the famous YouTuber, recently revealed he earned more than $250,000 from posting a video on X (formerly known as Twitter), despite previously stating it wasn’t worth using the platform.

In a surprising turn, he shared an old video that garnered over 155 million views.

This move comes amid X’s struggles to boost engagement and advertising revenue, with owner Elon Musk implementing various strategies.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, was initially skeptical about X’s profitability for creators. However, he decided to test the waters and was “super curious” about the advertising revenue potential.

The disclosed sum of $250,000 raised eyebrows, with MrBeast attributing it to advertisers noticing the video’s popularity.

While this success may be hard to replicate without MrBeast’s massive following, analysts acknowledge the impressive numbers. The influencer landscape varies, and MrBeast’s massive audience contributes to his significant earnings. His videos on YouTube, where he primarily makes money, can reportedly earn over $1 million over time.

MrBeast’s experiment on X stands out, considering the unique circumstances surrounding his immense popularity and the global attention it attracted.

It’s a noteworthy development for X, a platform facing challenges, and adds an interesting chapter to MrBeast’s ventures in the online content space.

Source: BBC

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