Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, is forming a team to stop fake content created by AI from influencing the upcoming EU elections in June. They’re worried that AI-generated videos, images, and audio could trick voters.

This move comes after concerns raised by UK’s Home Secretary about AI-generated fakes in general elections. However, some experts feel Meta’s plans might not be strong enough.

They’re expanding their efforts to combat this issue after signing an agreement with other tech giants. Meta will focus on detecting and mitigating threats in real time across its platforms.

Despite this, there are doubts about how effective their strategy will be, especially when it comes to identifying AI-generated images.

Meta is also working with fact-checking organizations to debunk misinformation. However, the effectiveness of these measures remains to be seen.

This highlights the growing importance of addressing AI-generated content not just for one company but for the entire industry, government, and civil society.

This summary was based on information from BBC News.

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