France’s football star and captain, Kylian Mbappé, spoke out against extreme and divisive ideas ahead of the upcoming legislative elections, as reported by France 24.

Mbappé, who recently transferred to Real Madrid, urged young people to vote, emphasizing the importance of their participation in shaping the future of the country.

During a press conference before a Euro 2024 match, Mbappé supported his teammate Marcus Thuram’s call to prevent the far-right National Rally (RN) from winning the elections.

He highlighted the unprecedented nature of the current political situation and stressed that citizens should be aware of the potential impact of their votes.

Mbappé emphasized that political awareness does not interfere with football, stating that understanding the importance of the upcoming vote is crucial. He called on young people to ensure the country reflects values of diversity and tolerance.

This marks Mbappé’s first public statement since the far-right parties gained significant votes in the recent EU elections, leading to President Emmanuel Macron calling a snap election for the National Assembly.

Despite the French Football Federation’s request for neutrality, Mbappé believes discussing politics will not affect the team’s performance.

By addressing this issue, Mbappé demonstrates his commitment not only to his sport but also to his role as a responsible citizen, encouraging the younger generation to engage in the democratic process.

Credit : France 24

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