Discover Martin Luther King Jr.’s Mom’s Quilly Dessert: A Unique Treat from His Childhood

If you’re curious about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s personal life, here’s a sweet revelation. Among his childhood treasures was a dessert named Quilly, a creation of his mother’s culinary magic. This velvety delight was more than just a sweet treat; it was a comforting embrace for the iconic leader.

Derived from his mother’s recipe box, Quilly is a light dessert with an unusual mix of ingredients. The recipe includes plain gelatin, water, sugar, heavy whipping cream, almonds, stale macaroons, marshmallows, vanilla extract, and fruit salad. Despite my initial skepticism, I decided to give it a shot and see if this vintage recipe lived up to the hype.

To make Quilly, soak gelatin in cold water, dissolve it in boiling water with sugar, and let it cool. Mix in heavy whipping cream, almonds, crumbled macaroons, marshmallows, fruit salad, and vanilla or rum extract. Pour the mixture into a mold and chill until set. Top with sugar wafers before serving if desired.

My honest take on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Quilly Dessert? It didn’t quite win me over. The creamy texture gave it a slightly off taste, and even my niece agreed. While I appreciate its historical significance, I couldn’t see myself making it again. However, if you’re a fan of retro gelatin desserts, it might be worth a try.

A tip for aspiring Quilly chefs: carve out enough time for it to set properly. Unlike recipes for immediate consumption, Quilly requires patience. Even after two hours in the fridge, it needed more time to reach the desired consistency.

This unique insight into Martin Luther King Jr.’s culinary preferences comes from Parade, shedding light on a lesser-known aspect of the civil rights leader’s life.

Source : Parade

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