Mali’s Struggle: Unraveling Conflict, Terrorism, and Shifting Alliances

Description: Mali is grappling with a complex situation as its legal system investigates groups seeking ethnic separation and leaders linked to terrorism. The focus is on figures like Iyag Ag Ghaly and Amadou Koufa, associated with Al-Qaeda.

The recent rebellion by Tuareg leaders adds another layer, challenging the peace agreement of 2015. Amid rising violence since 2012, Mali faces internal strife and spillover effects on neighboring nations.

Notably, Mali’s political shift away from France to Moscow has altered alliances, while the expulsion of UN forces intensifies tensions.

This evolving scenario raises concerns about the competition for control in the northern region, involving the military, Islamist groups, and those seeking autonomy.

The struggle for stability persists, impacting not only Mali but the broader West African region.(Source:France24)

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