A fire in a residential building in Mangaf, Kuwait, killed at least 49 people, including 40 Indians, according to India’s foreign ministry.

The fire broke out on Wednesday, engulfing the building where many workers, mostly from the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, lived.

Video showed flames and thick smoke rising from the building. About 50 Indians and other foreign workers from the Philippines and Nepal were also injured.

Two-thirds of Kuwait’s population consists of foreign workers, who often face poor living conditions. Reports suggest the building, housing 196 workers, might have been overcrowded.

A senior police officer said many people inhaled smoke, leading to numerous deaths.

Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahad Yusuf al-Sabah blamed property owners for ignoring safety standards, driven by greed.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed condolences and said the Indian embassy is working with local authorities.

Indian junior minister Kirti Vardhan Singh traveled to Kuwait to assist, with plans to bring the victims’ bodies back to India.

Families of the victims in India are in shock, with many still awaiting news of their loved ones.

This news was reported by the BBC.


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