The reality star appears to have spent several extra days under the care of her medical team.

Kourtney Kardashian has finally been discharged from the hospital, about a week after she’s believed to have given birth. 

The reality star was spotted leaving Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday, Nov. 7, wrapped in a cozy zip-up sweater and obscuring her face with a pair of black sunglasses and a baseball cap. In photos obtained by TMZ, she climbed into the backseat of a Range Rover driven by hubby Travis Barker, who also rocked a pair of black sunglasses and a beanie.

It wasn’t clear if baby Rocky, whose name has not been officially confirmed, as Barker once seemed to accidentally let the moniker slip during an interview, was headed home with them, but we’re assuming so based on Kardashian’s seat of choice. 

A source confirmed the birth of the couple’s first child together on Nov. 4, later describing the Poosh founder as “over the moon” and “happy to just be able to snuggle her baby boy…” but Kylie Jenner was spotted visiting the hospital on Nov. 2. Fans suspected she may have secretly given birth even earlier, due to her unusually silent social media on her favorite holiday, Halloween.  

It’s not surprised to hear that Kardashian and Rocky may have had an extended stay under the care of their doctors, as her pregnancy took a scary turn before all was said and done. 

On Sept. 1, Barker stepped away from touring with Blink-182 for a family emergency, which was later revealed to be emergent fetal surgery for Kardashian and their unborn baby, though the couple never revealed what exactly happened.


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