Kim Jong Un got pictures of important places in the U.S., like the White House and Pentagon, using a spy satellite North Korea launched. The satellite is watching what the U.S. and South Korea are doing. Recent photos also show places like Seoul in South Korea and U.S. military bases.

Kim also saw pictures from the spy satellite of places like the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam and a U.S. shipyard and airbase in Norfolk and Newport. The photos showed four nuclear-powered air carriers and a British air carrier.

The United States and South Korea are unhappy about the satellite launch, saying it breaks rules set by the United Nations Security Council that forbid using certain missile technology.

Seoul officials say they can’t confirm North Korea’s satellite abilities because the country hasn’t shown the pictures it took. According to Reuters, who first reported this news.

“This situation raises concerns about the use of advanced technology for military surveillance. The international community, including the United States and South Korea, is closely monitoring these developments. It highlights the need for continued diplomatic efforts to address such issues and maintain global security.

featured image credit: Arab News

Credit : Reuters

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