Mauritania is voting in a presidential election with key issues like slavery, migration, and jihadist threats at the forefront.

President Mohamed ould Cheikh Ghazouani seeks a second term, competing against six other candidates. This election will test the country’s progress toward democracy.

Slavery is still a major problem, despite being outlawed three times. Migration is also a big issue, with many trying to reach Europe from Mauritania.

The country faces corruption, with a former president jailed for embezzlement. Mauritania is rich in resources but still has high poverty levels.

Security is a top concern due to jihadist activities in the region. President Ghazouani’s military background has helped keep Mauritania safe from attacks since 2011, unlike its neighbor Mali.

Mauritania works closely with Western countries and continues to strengthen its forces with US support. This election will be crucial for the country’s future stability and leadership in regional security.

Credit: BBC.

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