Kenyan Church Welcoming LGBT Members Quietly Survives a Decade: A Safe Haven for Faith and Acceptance.

In Kenya, a discreet church has thrived for ten years, discreetly welcoming LGBT worshippers. The church, not widely publicized in the religious country, provides a haven for those who feel rejected by mainstream churches due to their sexual orientation.

John, a pastor, left his mainstream church after facing discrimination for being gay. He discovered the inclusive church on social media, where members, including Pauline, an openly non-binary lesbian minister, use pseudonyms to protect their identities.

The church, facing challenges in a socially conservative society where gay sex is illegal, has grown to over 200 members. Many had to leave their previous congregations due to discrimination. Regina, for example, chose her girlfriend over her church community, and after a decade, she found solace in the queer-affirming church.

Despite attacks and relocations due to intolerance, the church maintains a flexible schedule, allowing worshippers to attend mainstream services discreetly.

They’ve also created a unique version of the Apostles’ Creed, affirming the inclusion of queer individuals in their faith.

Facing increasing homophobia in Kenya, some members have considered returning to the closet for safety. However, the church remains vital for many seeking a balance of respect amid diverse beliefs and traditions.

This summary is based on the BBC World Service documentary ‘Queer and Christian in Kenya.’ For the full story, visit the BBC website.

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