Rwanda’s President Kagame: The world let us down during the 1994 genocide that killed nearly 800,000 people. Reflecting on the tragedy, he emphasized the profound loss and the lessons learned through bloodshed.

As the nation marks 30 years since the atrocity, dignitaries gathered in Kigali to honor the victims. Kagame acknowledged the African countries that assisted Tutsi refugees and condemned the international community’s failure to intervene, labeling it as either contemptuous or cowardly.

The solemn commemoration, attended by global leaders, highlighted the ongoing sorrow and the need for remembrance.

The genocide’s scars persist, with mass graves still being discovered. Despite strides in rebuilding, criticism surrounds Kagame’s governance, with concerns over dissent and unexplained deaths.

As Rwanda observes a week-long mourning period, the nation’s painful history underscores the imperative of unity and remembrance.

(Source: BBC)

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