Donald Trump got a break in court on Monday, as a New York court allowed him to pay a smaller bond of $175m to delay a $464m fraud penalty.

His lawyers argued it was impossible to pay the full amount. The court gave him 10 days to find the $175m. If he pays it, his assets will be protected during his appeal.

Trump called it a respectful decision and plans to comply. This is seen as a win for Trump, preventing his assets from being seized.

However, the $464m judgment against him still stands. The court also delayed other penalties, like banning Trump and his sons from running businesses in New York, but kept a monitor overseeing his businesses.

Trump claimed he couldn’t cover the penalty despite having $400m in cash.

Experts are surprised by the court’s decision, especially since Trump claimed to have $500m in cash recently.

This report is from the BBC.

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