Joe Rogan’s Podcast No Longer Exclusive to Spotify

Big news in the podcast world: Spotify and Joe Rogan have shaken things up by ending their exclusive partnership. Now, “The Joe Rogan Experience” will be available on more platforms like Apple, Amazon, and YouTube.

This move marks a significant shift from Spotify’s previous strategy of locking down top podcasts exclusively. While Rogan’s show has been a huge hit globally, it’s also faced criticism, especially for his views on Covid-19.

Back in 2020, Spotify made headlines by snagging Rogan’s podcast with a big-money deal, hoping to make itself the go-to spot for top podcasts. And it worked – podcast listening on Spotify shot up by a whopping 232% during Rogan’s exclusivity deal.

But despite the success, Spotify has hit some bumps along the way. They’ve had to let go of staff and rethink their exclusive podcast plans. Still, with Rogan’s podcast now available on more platforms, it’s a new chapter for both him and the podcasting world.

Credit: CNN

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