Jillian Michaels Raises Concerns About Oprah’s Ties to Ozempic Weight Loss Drug

In a recent interview with Page Six, fitness instructor Jillian Michaels accused Oprah Winfrey of having a financial interest in the weight loss drug Ozempic due to her connection with WeightWatchers. Michaels pointed out that Winfrey is a shareholder in WeightWatchers, which acquired a telehealth company called Sequence in 2023 and introduced a new membership for Ozempic users in December.

Michaels emphasized the need for transparency, urging Winfrey to disclose any financial or business ties to Ozempic when discussing the drug. While acknowledging people’s choice to use such medications, Michaels aims to educate individuals to make informed decisions.

Oprah Winfrey confirmed her use of Ozempic in a December interview with People, expressing relief and redemption in having a medically approved prescription for weight management. However, she stressed the importance of combining the drug with a healthy lifestyle.

This development adds a unique perspective to the ongoing debate about the use of Ozempic and similar drugs for weight loss, bringing attention to the financial aspects involved.

The news was originally reported by Parade.


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