Jenrick Quits as Immigration Minister Over Rwanda Law Dispute

Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, has resigned, criticizing the government’s emergency legislation on asylum seekers sent to Rwanda.

He believes the bill lacks “stronger protections” and could face legal challenges. The proposed law, aiming to discourage English Channel crossings, falls short of some Tory demands.

Jenrick, a former ally of PM Rishi Sunak, sees the legislation as the “last opportunity” to curb small boat crossings. This resignation adds to challenges for Sunak’s leadership, with concerns raised about potential confidence votes from his own MPs.

The bill attempts to address legal issues surrounding asylum seekers sent to Rwanda, but critics argue it is “fatally flawed” and may face prolonged court battles.

The One Nation group of Tory MPs cautiously supports upholding international commitments while seeking legal advice on the bill’s concerns.

The situation reflects the ongoing tensions within the Conservative Party on immigration policies. Source: BBC News.

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