Jell-O Introduces Exciting New Flavors After 5-Year Break

Jell-O fans, rejoice! After five years without any new flavors, the wait is finally over. The iconic brand is launching not one but two delicious options for its fans.

First up is Jell-O Mango Sabroso, a fruity delight inspired by Hispanic treats and boasting the refreshing taste of mango. It’s the first time Jell-O has spotlighted this fruit in its 130-year history, making it a truly unique offering.

For those with a sweet tooth, there’s Jell-O Churro Delicioso. Inspired by the beloved churro dessert, this flavor promises to satisfy cinnamon lovers with its decadent twist on a classic favorite.

What’s even better is that both of these new flavors are part of Jell-O’s zero-sugar line, making them a guilt-free indulgence. Available in convenient four-packs, they’ll be hitting store shelves nationwide starting in April.

This announcement comes at a time when many other brands are also unveiling fresh, fruity flavors for the season.

From Pepsi’s collaborations with celebrity chefs to limited-edition fruity Cheerios, it seems like everyone is embracing the fruit-inspired trend.

So, if you’re looking for a tasty treat to enjoy this spring and summer, keep an eye out for Jell-O’s exciting new flavors.

Credit: Adapted from Parade, inspired by Marisa Losciale’s article.

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