Moon Lander Slim is back in action! After a temporary shutdown due to a power issue, Japan’s space agency got Slim up and running again.

Now, Slim is busy studying its surroundings and sending new pictures back to Earth. Scientists are excited because Slim’s analysis could help plan future missions to the Moon.

One cool detail: Slim’s solar panels were facing the wrong way at first, but now they’re getting sunlight again and powering up.

Slim’s even taking close-up shots of rocks, like one it nicknamed “toy poodle,” using a special camera that can tell us what the rocks are made of.

This info helps us understand the Moon’s history and might even help future missions find resources like fuel and water.

While Slim’s lifespan depends on sunlight, it’s already achieved an impressive landing near its target spot. It’s a small step for Slim, but a giant leap for lunar exploration!

(Adapted from BBC)

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