Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused the ceasefire terms proposed by Hamas, stating that achieving “total victory” in Gaza is feasible in a matter of months.

He dismissed Hamas’s conditions as “unusual” and indicated that negotiations with the group were not progressing.

Netanyahu emphasized the need for a comprehensive and definitive resolution to the conflict, warning of future confrontations if Hamas remains in power in Gaza.

Netanyahu’s remarks came after Hamas outlined its demands in response to an Israel-backed ceasefire initiative. Talks between the two sides are ongoing, but Netanyahu’s rejection suggests a significant gap in positions.

Hamas, on the other hand, sees Netanyahu’s stance as a sign of his intention to prolong the conflict. Senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri characterized Netanyahu’s comments as political posturing and affirmed Hamas’s readiness to consider all options.

Meanwhile, Egypt is expected to facilitate new rounds of negotiations in Cairo, urging flexibility from all parties to reach a peaceful agreement. The proposed ceasefire by Hamas includes a phased approach, involving the exchange of prisoners and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.

The situation remains tense, with the United Nations warning of further civilian casualties if the violence escalates. Both sides have suffered significant losses, with casualties numbering in the thousands.

Credit: BBC

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