Headline: Israeli Forces Enter Southern Gaza, Intensifying Ground Operations

In a significant development reported by Israeli army radio, Israeli forces are confirmed to have launched ground operations north of Khan Younis in southern Gaza. The move comes after a week-long ceasefire ended, with Israel resuming a heavy bombing campaign on the region.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), led by Lt General Herzi Halevi, stated that they are fighting “strongly and thoroughly” in both northern and southern Gaza. The latest focus on the south has prompted concerns, with a UN official describing a Gaza hospital as a “warzone.”

Amid the offensive, the IDF has posted maps of targeted areas online, aiming to warn civilians through various means, including phone calls and leaflet drops. However, the Hamas-run health ministry reports over 500 casualties since the bombing resumed.

The conflict has also led to a surge in displaced people, with approximately 1.8 million internally displaced in Gaza. The UN’s human rights chief expressed concerns, stating that Palestinians in Gaza are being “pushed more and more towards a narrow corner” in the already confined territory.

As the situation unfolds, Israel emphasizes its efforts to avoid civilian casualties, attributing challenges to Hamas’s use of civilian neighborhoods for military activities. The IDF claims to have destroyed 500 “terror tunnel” shafts used by Hamas in Gaza.

Source: BBC


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