The Israeli military says they have a video showing hostages taken to Gaza’s main hospital after a Hamas attack. They claim one of the hostages, a soldier named Cpl Noa Marciano, was killed at the hospital. Israel says the hospital hid a Hamas command center, but Hamas denies this.

The BBC couldn’t verify the video. The IDF spokesperson said Noa was kidnapped, injured in an airstrike, taken to the hospital, and then killed by another Hamas member. Hamas previously said Noa died in an Israeli airstrike.

The IDF released a video of a tunnel they claim is part of the evidence. The US also claims Hamas used hospitals as command centers.

The death toll in Gaza is reported to be 12,300, with over 2,000 people possibly under rubble. Families of hostages are pressuring the Israeli government.

Prime Minister Netanyahu aims to destroy Hamas, free the hostages, and eliminate the threat from Gaza. (Source: BBC)

For additional information on this news, kindly click on the provided BBC link to access more details.

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