Chess Powerhouse: Indian Siblings Rewrite History Together!

Meet Praggnanandhaa, a chess prodigy who, at just 10 years old, became the youngest International Master. By 2018, he secured the title of the second-youngest Grandmaster and even defeated Magnus Carlsen three times online.

While Praggnanandhaa dazzled the chess world, his older sister Vaishali diligently waited her turn. Recently, she made history as India’s third-ever female Grandmaster, joining an elite group.

The duo, now the first-ever Grandmaster brother-sister pair, is causing a stir in the chess community. Vaishali’s triumph at the Women’s Grand Swiss tournament, defeating three former world champions, adds to their remarkable journey.

The siblings, with contrasting playing styles, have become each other’s strongest supporters. During the pandemic, their bond deepened, and they’ve emerged as a unique force in the chess world.

Their story is a testament to family support, dedication, and overcoming challenges. As they head to the biggest tournament of their lives together, the Indian siblings continue to captivate chess enthusiasts worldwide. Read more about their extraordinary journey on BBC.

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