Indian Workers Brave Cold for Chance at Better-Paying Jobs in Israel

On a chilly morning in Haryana, northern India, hundreds of men lined up for practical exams, hoping to secure construction jobs in Israel.

The move comes as India faces a job crisis, with many qualified individuals struggling to find stable employment. Ranjeet Kumar, a qualified teacher, sees the opportunity to work in Israel as a chance to support his family with a monthly income of around 137,000 rupees, along with accommodation and medical benefits.

Reports suggest that Israel aims to bring in 70,000 workers, including 10,000 from India, to address a labor shortage in its construction sector.

The demand for these jobs arises after Israel restricted 80,000 Palestinian workers following a Hamas attack in October. Many job seekers in India’s informal economy, holding degrees but lacking secure employment, see this as a chance for better prospects abroad.

The job seekers, facing challenges in India’s job market, attribute their struggles to factors like the 2016 currency ban and the strict 2020 Covid lockdown. Some have attempted to enter the US and Canada illegally but faced financial obstacles.

Despite the risks associated with working in a region marked by conflict, these individuals are driven by the pursuit of secure and lucrative opportunities.

The stories of individuals like Sanjay Verma, Parbat Singh Chauhan, and others reflect the varied paths and challenges in India’s job landscape.

The aspirations of the youth, faced with job insecurity and limited prospects at home, drive them to consider overseas employment despite the risks involved.

While Indian government data indicates a decline in joblessness, reports from institutions like Azim Premji University highlight ongoing challenges.

The State of Working India report points to a decrease in the pace of regular wage jobs since 2019, particularly affecting graduates, with a substantial percentage facing unemployment after the pandemic.

As the quest for better opportunities leads many to brave the harsh weather for a shot at jobs in Israel, the complex dynamics of India’s job market and the pursuit of a brighter future come to the forefront.

(Source: BBC News. Credit: BBC for the original report)

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